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Transformation through Spiritual Embodiment

Finding the stillness within,
along with the knowledge that you are not alone,
brings Peace. 


Change can be challenging. Understanding how to have a vision and a strong voice in our personal transformations can be enlightening and empowering. Each of us has the capability to transform our energy. Sometimes we can feel stuck, clogged, empty, uninspired, stagnant, wild and chaotic, out of control, erratic, sharp, elusive, barely visible… 

These energy imbalances may show up in a variety of ways: a sense of isolation, helplessness, anger, sorrow, physical pain, disease, boredom, anxiety…


We can change our energies, creating a more peaceful, balanced life.

Be supported on your journey.


Table Work ... brings deep relaxation, with a discussion of your energy.

Become Your Own Best Healer ... creates a safe space for your unique needs and desires and allows for personal reflection and innovation both individually and while in community.

Distance Healing Sessions ...  affirm that time is not linear and space is unlimited. 

Continuum ...  become curious and explore possibilities in self-healing. 

The practice of subtle energy movement increases our capacity to sense and gauge the flow of this energy within us. It generates an awakening of an untapped intelligence of ourselves that is discovered through cognizant sensory awareness. Beckah makes this possible through her skillful guidance and patient listening. She creates a safe space for everyone to realize these inner energies and to utilize them for nurturing harmonious balance within our ‘self.’ Beckah’s warm and generous presence allows me to feel safe to follow my own experiential journey and to unlock these hidden potentials.
~ D. Karlovsky, MFA, M.AMSAT
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Beckah Reed is a colleague.  We are artists, educators, and studio mates.  We share students and schedules and insight.  She is part of my personal healthcare system by virtue of the subtle energy work she offers to her clients.  She is patient and calm, creative and resourceful.  A valuable resource to the community.
~ Con Christeson

All Energy Transforms

Concept from Emilie du Chatelet



All Energy Transforms, water evaporates into the air, rocks break up into pebbles, leaves compost into dirt, anger can become forgiveness, joy can evolve into sorrow…

Subtle Energy Table Work

These sessions are one-on-one. You are fully clothed, relaxing on a massage table.


A session begins with discussion, which serves to distill the sometimes chaotic meanderings of the mind into a clear mental space, with direct words forming an intention for the session. What do I desire most in my life at this moment?  This magnifies and focuses the energy. During the session, individuals may speak, move, whatever contributes to comfort.  The session is for you!


Hands are gently on and off the body.  Breath assists the process.  Information comes - images, names, colors, textures… At the conclusion of the session, there is opportunity to discuss the experience.  Utilizing a positive language/perspective is important….it is a part of the journey, of hope, of connecting to self, of integrating body, mind, spirit.  An energy session affirms what you already know….at least on a subconscious level…making the unknown known, affirming the world beyond.  It is a mirror for self-reflection, for “seeing”, helpful in the recognition process of who we truly are, want to be and “know”.

These sessions are held in St. Louis at Red Chair Studios on Cherokee Street and in Marthasville. Please use the contact information below to schedule an appointment.

First Session: $125; Each session thereafter $100.

Become Your Own Best Healer

Become Your Own Best Healer Sessions are offered both individually and with groups.

Through Subtle Energy Guidance and Transformation Practices, you are empowered to be active in your healing journey. You become what you already are - the expert in yourself. 


Readings and exercises are introduced which assist in creating opportunities for more consistent practices that initiate reflection and promote change. Tools are shared to develop daily rituals leading to consistency and a sense of flow in life.  There is a dialogue that opens with the unknown, with the limitless possibilities of self and universe.  A deeper connection to self is sought, encouraged.  A connection to nature can assist this process; when weather permits, we may go outside.

You are guided through self-exploration, a process of discovery, which creates ways of witnessing and transforming thoughts, feelings, physical aches, pains, dis-ease.  Sessions are devoted to developing tools for self-healing, primarily through the chakras and energy fields. Breath, qigong, imagery, movement, stillness, guided exercises, sound… invite you to play, to imagine, to dive more deeply into a personal sacred world where peace, grace, love, power, connection, trust, expression… reside.

Sessions with groups have similar content to the individual sessions but allow for the individual transformation within community….you in relationship to the other…the personal to the universal.  Over time, you discover the resonance in self and then a resonance with other.

These sessions are held in the St. Louis area or virtually. Please use the contact information below to schedule.

Individual Sessions: $100.

Cost for Group Sessions dependent on length and format.

Distance Healing Sessions

Beckah has a practice in person, but also respects and utilizes the power of Distance Sessions in Energy Transformations.


Prior to Distance Sessions, you are asked to develop and share an answer to the question What do I desire most in my life at this moment?  This intention setting magnifies and focuses the energy.


Find a mutual time for “connecting” with Beckah. Generally, when you are falling asleep or waking up, are when the ‘highways’ are less busy!

During the session, information comes - images, names, colors, textures…Following the session, you have a debrief session with Beckah via phone call/FaceTime/zoom. You can ask questions and Beckah can share the information that came to her during the session.


Utilizing a positive language/perspective is important….it is a part of the journey, of hope, of connecting to self, of integrating body, mind, spirit.  An energy session affirms what you already know….at least on a subconscious level…making the unknown known, affirming the world beyond.  It is a mirror for self-reflection, for “seeing”, helpful in the recognition process of who we truly are, want to be and “know”.

Please use the contact information below to schedule an appointment.

First Session: $125; Each session thereafter $100.


Continuum Movement® is a phenomenal somatics practice devised by Emile Conrad Da’oud. During a Continuum session, you are guided through the various sounds, breaths, lush sensations, and fluid movements in a way that promotes creativity, opening to the very real possibilities of self-healing and innovation in living!


The practice invites the letting go of gravity, therefore usually you lie on the ground, on a bed or on a mat. Sitting or standing are options, but generally the deep work of “giving in” to gravity and simply laying on the floor allows one to get out of the way and permits the relaxation process.


Sessions, called dives, are quite powerful and include sound, movement, breath, and paying attention to the present moment sensations and impulses that arise. Dives are improvisational in nature, you aren't following the lead of a teacher but rather you become the teacher, attending to your own curiosity. An hour in a dive can be as good for your body as a long walk, run, or bike ride and tends to be more gentle. However, dives are much more than physical as they integrate the body, mind and spirit - the soma - and produce an embodied transformative experience.

There is no right or wrong, moving correctly is not the focus. Instead, we trust the wisdom of one’s moving body, listening while inviting in the lush, fluid possibilities of ease, mystery, inquiry and play.

Continuum can be practiced alone or with a group, either virtually or in person.

To practice Continuum in any format, contact Beckah to learn more and schedule.

Individual Sessions: $50 (1.5 hours)

Group Sesssion: $15/person (2 hours)


Working with Beckah has had a profound impact on my life.  Her knowledge and skill in working with the human energy system has removed blocks and opened doors in my life that I’d come to believe were beyond hope.  Additionally, her gentleness and compassion in teaching me (a skeptic with little knowledge of the human energy system) has allowed me to grow far beyond any of my initial expectations.
~ Robin M.

Beckah has been sharing her gift with me through the energy sessions for over 15 years. Her insights and wisdoms have been a tremendous support in each step of my life. She listens deeply, and works with love, care, and sincerity. Although I prefer to work with her in person, many of my sessions have been done remotely wherever I am across the globe. The world of energy has no boundaries, and they have been as powerful and intimate as in-person sessions.

- H.T.

"...body is not matter,
but movement..."

from Emilie Conrad

Beautiful Landscape

Beckah's Journey


She grew up in the Rocky Mountains, talking with the lizards, singing with the Roaring Fork River, being held by the scrub oaks, seen by the bald eagles and softened by the sage. This start sent her on the lifelong journey of exploring and playing with energy.

Beckah has been practicing and studying specific formal healing and meditation modalities since 1973, including Transcendental Meditation, Universal Energy, Qigong, Continuum Movement®, and Hun Yuan Taiji.  She is a Master Reiki Practitioner, Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher in Training, certified in Level I of Pranic Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and highly influenced by the Barbara Brennan School for Healing.  She has been teaching and working with clients in transformation through subtle energy for over 2 decades. Recently, Beckah has been exploring the vast and magical essence of horses and humans through Zenhorse.

Beckah has had a substantial career as a modern dance performer, teacher and choreographer.  She taught in the Department of Dance at Webster University 1986-2023 and has served as artistic director of ANNONYArts, Wishbone Dance Theatre and co-artistic director of GASH/VOIGT Dance Theatre.  Her dancing has taken her to communities across the globe, focusing on connection and humanistic issues.  Beckah’s choreography, best described as theatre dance, draws on the use of props, voice, and the motivation of human interactions to create her pieces. 


Beckah is passionate about movement and stillness, particularly the fluid dance of subtle energy in one’s life. This is a fairly quiet field of study in Western culture, but one that has been known in Eastern cultures for centuries.  Somatic practitioners generally integrate their mind and body through practices that may include some form of a martial art, meditation, prayer, intuitive arts, various aspects of psychology, physics and bodywork. Visualizations, breath and movement/stillness are important elements in somatics practice; they help to create clear intention.  The premise of subtle energy is that thought directs energy.  A thought, or conscious sensation, initiates a gesture that can pose questions as to habitual behavior, promoting fresh, conscious choices.  Beckah is curious as to the direct relationship of subtle energy and life choices. Her belief is that this relationship can lead to incredible healing.  These ancient ways of healing are now being acknowledged through epigenetics and neuroplasticity.



+1(314) 740-0043
(call or text)

The Red Chair Studios at

2319 Cherokee
St. Louis, Missouri  USA

 in Marthasville, Missouri  USA

As a beneficiary of Beckah's Energy Sessions and Moving Medications I am invited into a state of calm where insight and inspiration are found.  Each session supports my journey to answer my questions.  I see this work as an opportunity to engage my innermost thoughts.  I have found that by identifying my concerns, I begin to understand my troubles, and see solutions that I could not see before.  Often wisdom comes in a single word - a whispered word surrounded by silence.  If we never create a space to hear, to listen - we are left to wander. With these guided meditations I have gained a deeper understanding of change, avoiding friction, encouraged to take action.  These sessions have given me a source from which to go, to seek and identify purpose.

~ Tom B

Breath is Movement
        Movement is Life!

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